Simple Table Format

The table Simple or wiki format uses a similar syntax to a number of Wiki’s which is an effective yet easy method of creating tables.

General syntax rules

  • A new table body is introducted with the following marker;
*(start* *table* '[title],' '[caption],' format=simple ',[options ..]' *)*
  • wiki may be used as an alias, for example format=wiki
  • Unless the option header=no is given, the first line is taken as the column headers.
  • Column headers and cells are delimited using a pipe | character.
  • All non-blank lines are taken as cell text, one line of text per-row.
  • Termination of the table body is by a (end) marker.


Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Row 1 column 1
Row 1, column 2
Row 1 column 3
Row 2 column 1
Row 2, column 2
Row 2 column 3
Row 3 column 1
Row 3, column 2
Row 3 column 3


(start table Title, Caption, format=simple)
|Column 1| Column 2|Column 3|

|Row 1 column 1|Row 1, column 2|Row 1 column 3|

|Row 2 column 1|Row 2, column 2|Row 2 column 3

|Row 3 column 1|Row 3, column 2|Row 3 column 3|
(end table)

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