A number of plug-ins are available for use within ND+.

All plugins are located within the ND+ bin directory.  These can be directly updated or removed if requried.

See the specific plugin for copyright and usage information.

The following are possible future plugins.

Any others, please contact.


Not all plugins are portable across platforms, hence there use may determine the hosts on which ND+ can be executed.

Whereas the generate documentation should be fully portable, including the bundled <SyntaxHilite> implementation, being JavaScript™ based.

Mscgen is a Windows™ only executable application.

Ditaa, SDEdit and PlantUML all require Java™ is be available on the host; visible within the current PATH.

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Quick Sequence Diagram Editor
Timing-gen is a Linux tool to generate high quality Postscript timing diagrams from text input files.
Generate railroad diagrams from code or BNF.
Translating ASCII math notation to Presentation MathML
ND+ is licensed under the GPL-2.0, the same terms and conditions as Natural Docs 1.4.