ND+ has new features and options to deal with packages which are split across a number of source files.

Topic Options

The following topic options define the behaviour when multiple topics referencing the same name are encountered within seperate source pages (e.g. a header and its related source).

Natural Docs default behaviour is that each reference to deal with in isolation.

When enabled by topic, ND+ shall collect together all references and generated the desired output.

Source: topics.txt

# Multiple: [Normal|Summaries|Merge|Split]
#    Controls how components contained within a definition of a package/class
#    are handled when they are encountered spanning multiple source images.
#    Defaults to normal.
#      normal        - No action is performed (ie. Natural Docs standard).
#      summaries     - A compound summary is generated within the determined
#                      primary definition linking all components. **
#      merge         - All class components are merged into a single output
#                      image using the primary as a template.
#      split         - Firstly a merge is performed and then all components
#                      with a 'splittable: yes' attribute are placed within
#                      their own output image.  In addition a compound summary
#                      is generated within the primary definition linking all
#                      components.
#    Note: 'primary definitions' is the first topic encountered which
#       contains a description; other topic's referencing the same package
#       name should generally not contain text to avoid confusion.
# Splittable: [yes|no]
#    Whether items under this topic can be split into seperate images during
#    a 'Multiple: Split' action. Defaults to 'no'.
# Merge Groupings: [yes|no]
#    Whether multiple groups of this topic should be merged into a single group.
#    Defaults to 'no'.
# Sort Groupings: [yes|no]
#    Whether the items under this topic should be sorted alphabetically.
#    Defaults to 'no'.
# Summaries: [yes|no]
#    Whether this topic and is items should be included within the generated
#    summary. Defaults to 'yes'.

An example usage, the following is the content of the project specific Topics.txt.

Alter Topic Type: Class

        Multiple: Merge

Alter Topic Type: Function

        Merge Groupings: Yes
        Sort Groupings: Yes
        Splittable: Yes

        Add Keywords:
        operator, operators

Alter Topic Type: Type

        Merge Groupings: Yes
        Sort Groupings: Yes
        Splittable: Yes

Alter Topic Type: Constant

        Merge Groupings: Yes
        Sort Groupings: Yes

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